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What some reviewers have said about Cori

You touched my heart and soul with your music and your dedication to what is real in the world”.
Jope and Karen Langejans, Forestburg Concert Series.

“Cori is a really great performer”.  Andi Donnelly, CKUA Live from Alberta Stages.

“Brewster connected with the Forestburg audience as she shared her songs about family, laughter, and joy…she seems very comfortable on stage, providing the audience with an evening of smiles and tears in a most delightful presentation”. Val Vincent Community Press/Forestburg Concert series.

Cori  is delightfully refreshing, honest, enjoyable and most entertaining. She brings her own experience into her songwriting, which gives a personal and at times poignant social commentary.
Andre Buchanan-Smart Waikato Times, New Zealand.

“Just a short note to say thank you for the excellence performance you gave during artspeak. The crowd loved you and from my point of view you were a dream to work with-low maintenance!”  Ric Proctor Artspeak Festival

Brewster has a sweet voice of positivity that lends itself well to the self-penned tracks of life, love, time and discovery. Mu sically, the recording is solid to the core with some very nice inflections that please the ear and never succumb to excess. Brewster professes in the liner notes to be heading out on the road to discover corners of Canada she has yet to experience. When you live in Canmore, AB, though, leaving can be a hard thing to do.
 Chris Martin, Penguin Eggs

“…a musical treasure just waiting to be discovered…there’s a real depth to this women’s writing…captivating and impeccably produced album that has you immediately reaching for the repeat button”. Alan Cackett Maverick Magazine , UK

 “Through her songs, it’s obvious that for Brewster to write lyrics and to sing is an essential element of life, like breathing. From the opening chords of the CD’s first song, Look for the Sun, Brewster’s music bursts to life like the first pasque flowers of spring thrusting through the last remnants of winter snow… Like a child’s laugh, or a songbird’s serenade, Large Bird Leaving is a joy to listen to”. 
Lynn Martel Rocky Mountain Outlook

“Cori, you've done a lovely job with What Casanova Told Me. If I could have written a song, this would be it! Thank you for this rare and beautiful compliment. I very much enjoyed the whole CD too. You should
go on Sounds like Canada with your album and talk to Sheila Rodgers about your work, warm wishes”. 
Susan Swan Canadian Author

“What I've heard of the new album sounds really good and I'm excited that you've sent me a copy I can take to the cabin where I now live and produce The Road Home. I hope you find a good chunk of time to promote this new music. It has lots going for it Cori. Well done” Bob Chelmick CKUA The Road Home

”Cori Brewster’s new CD is definitely not a trumpeter swan since her calls are not limited to mating for life. No, this bird's songs have an expansive range and are more like a great grey owl with its wisdom or a blue heron with its precise and patient step. Flying over land that feels both recognizably Canadian and new and unfamiliar, the CD reflects the whimsical and layered imagination of an eclectic and mature songwriter. Large Bird Leaving meditates on both beauty in a dark country and its underside, the darkness lurking in beauty.” Katherine Binhammer, Three Sisters News