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Tuesday, July 22, 1997
Brewster Bound for Germany

Banff's country singer-songwriter Cori Brewster isn't quite sure how her upcoming tour of Germany got its name. She's being dubbed the "Stormy Gal From Alberta' as she works her way through Berlin, Munich. Kiel, and Erfurt two weeks from now. Regardless of the hokey tour handle, Brewster says she's looking forward to the European touring experience. "They're really knowledgeable about the music. This is sort of opening a new market for me to play in. They also appreciate progressive artists," Brewster said from her home in Edmonton.

"The version I'm taking over there is not really a folky sound, it's more of a scaled down acoustic version," said the 35-year-old, who hopes to begin recording a follow up to her first album, One More Mountain, when she returns from the August tour abroad.

Since the release of her first CD, Brewster says she's trying to steer clear of being labeled as strictly a country performer. "I think the second CD will be more country-folk," she said. "I'm not really happy with the commercial country music right now. "I'm more interested in the roots and there's a lot of talented singer-songwriters out there that are doing really creative stuff. I'm really drawn to people like Mary Chapin Carpenter," Brewster said.

With a decade of experience under her belt, Brewster says she finds herself learning more and more along the way. "In some ways I feel like I just started because I'm really pouring myself into the creative aspect of the business now. and into the writing. And I'm surrounding myself what really great songwriters to coalesce with."

Brewster, who has been living in Edmonton for the past three years, has her own production company and produces a CJSR campus radio show of the same name, Sonic Sisters - an hour of music from female artists - and also produces Edmonton songwriting events.

"I think people are shocked to learn how much talent there is in Edmonton."

She also heads up an annual songwriting workshop at Kananaskis Guest Ranch.

Although her schedule continues to grow, Brewster says she continues to return to Banff to satisfy family and friends.

"It has changed a lot, Banff has always been a tourist town, I think it's trying to work out how its going to exist in the next millennium. I sort of feel that sometimes it creates a negative situation about Banff... we know that there's a lot more to Banff, if people were to actually experience other things in Banff they'd realize it's not just Banff Avenue," says Brewster who left Banff in 1980 to head to Red Deer College and later the University of Alberta.

Although she had to pass on performing at this year's Banff Television Festival because of scheduling problems, Brewster says she'll perform here next June. . "Once the new disc is out, I'll certainly be there. "

Brewster will travel to Germany with guitarist Barrie Nignswandeir, bassist Jennifer Gibson and Darcie Deaville from Austin, Texas on fiddle and mandolin. This same quartet traveled to Austin when Brewster was invited to perform during SXSW (South by Southwest).

Old Stringhouse Entertainment has organized the 1997 tour. They are well known for importing Cindy Church, Leroy Van Dyke and Michael Booth Palmer.
Brewster's home page can be found at: coribrewster.com

In 1995, Brewster earned a nomination for her song and video, Spin on a Red Brick Floor in the Alberta Recording Industry Awards (ARIA) Female Recording Artist of the Year, along with Susan Agiukark. Jann Arden and Cindy Church.

Sherri Zickefoose