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Stones, Cori Brewster's second CD, is an interesting mix of folk, country, and bluegrass. Singer-songwriter Brewster is currently promoting the CD in Canada, stopping to play at small bookstores and coffee shops.

Stones includes a variety of ballads, mix tempo, and upbeat songs. She sings with many talented instrumentalists. Most of the music on the CD is based on very basic, simple melodies, whic perfectly suits Brewster's voice. Brewster's vocal style is very straightforward, and pleasant to listen to. She is at ease performing many styles of music, as is evident in the discography. While this CD is not particularly innovative musically, the lyrics are entertaining - at times amusing, at others, thought-provoking.

"Katie" describes the longtime friendship of two women, and the complexities involved in growing up female - complete with humorous references to Barbie, diets, leg-shaving, and Martha Stewart. Another song, "Stones from the River", takes its inspiration from the novel of the same name by Ursula Hegi. A beautiful, reflective ballad, it expresses the struggles faced by a woman and the need for solitude. As for "What They Don't Know", this great up-tempo song depicts some of the political struggles faced when living in the conservative, heteropatriarchal Canadian Prairies. "One Voice" is a heartwarming song which reminds us that in the midst of darkness, confusion, hate and mistrust, there is often one voice one heart, and one light that can lead us back to where we are safe. Many women will recognize the title of the last song on the album, "When Night is Falling", which is a sweet, gently performed lament about being away from your lover.

Cori Brewster's thoughtful personality, her sense of humour, and her heart are all present in her singing and song-writing. Stones is a light, enjoyable album.

CD Review by Jan Mitchell