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October 1998


Every now and again a Banff kid does something remarkable. It's usually something to do with sports. The clean air and endless peaks inspire most people to get physical in their surroundings. One local lady has used them to embark on a singing career. Perhaps Cori Brewster was already there before she became aware of her talent. As a child, she, her sisters and her mother sang during mountain trail rides. During that period she listened to artists like Hank Snow and Wilf Carter. Maybe that gave her the bug for music.

Don't think for a minute Cori doesn't fit into the healthy profile of a Banff kid. She graduated from the U of A's phys-ed programme, then went on to work at the U of M's athletics' department. But music was calling her and she soon traded in her runners for a guitar. Shortly after switching gears, Cori released a 6-song tape and appeared on a few national TV shows. Later, Miss Brewster made her first full-length CD, One More Mountain (1994, BRE Records). The album is a hearty collection of original songs with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. Reaction from Canadian and European radio stations was favourable. In 1995 people began to notice her and she was nominated for the Female Recording Artist of the Year by the Alberta Recording Industry. Surely there'd be more up this Banffite's sleeve.

True enough! Cori's a busy gal these days as she's in the midst of promoting her second CD, Stones. By the time this article goes to print her CD release party will have come and gone in Banff, however you're welcome to catch her in Calgary on Saturday, October 12th at the Ship and Anchor at 4:00 pm or at the Bluebird West-Village Hearth Cafe at 8:00 pm. Even if you can't attend, pick up Stones. The album is appealing on many fronts. The cover artwork is like a painting which you'd find in the Whyte Museum. The sound of Stones is more varied than One More Mountain. Not solely country, Stones also dabbles in blue-grass and folk. "Summer I went to Paris" is a catchy song about a brief jaunt to France. The accordion is reminiscent of a Spirit of the West ditty. Cori's sense of humour explodes in "Katie", a song about a high maintenance woman whose existence is run by the Barbie world of multiple marriages, high-priced toys, make-up, and Martha Stewart. Cori even sings about Ralph Klein on one track. Of course, this Banff native's plate is more than full. In addition to making records, she's host/producer of a radio show on CJSR and director of the song writing workshop at the Kananaskis Guest Ranch. Pass the word, support a local.

Rochelle Rochelle