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Cori Brewster hustles for her tunes

In the business of music, the go getters always seem to stand out from the pack and one the hardest working in showbiz in this city has to be Cori Brewster.

The singer-songwriter is always on the go, finding new, refreshing angles, to promote her music and that of her musical friends. She just doesn't do it on her home turf either as she's been making her way back and forth across this country and Europe on a pretty regular basis lately.

One ongoing Brewster-inspired project has been dubbed with the handle Sonic Sistahs and its latest incarnation unfolds tonight at Orlando Books over on 101st Street and Whyte Avenue. This time around Brewster will be in the company of Jennifer Gibson and Maria Dunn the show acts as a warm-up to a two-week swing of central Canada the ladies are about to embark upon.

"Cori stared the Sonic Sistahs up a few years ago and you know that she also hosts a radio show of the same name on CJSR every Tuesday evening," says Dunn of Brewster's double barreled project.

"The first one was at the Media Club with Sharon Anderson, Cori, Terry Morrison and myself, and I did another one with Kerri Anderson, Alix Bean-Sedmack, Lynn Elder and Cori. The shows are run as a song circle and have a really nice, informal feel. There is a bit of collaboration and I'm going to be adding accordion and whistles to some of Jennifer and Cori's songs," added Dunn who will be hitting Sudbury, Picton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Stratford and a festival in Tilsonburg as part of the upcoming tour.

The trio leave in early June although Dunn has to make her way back a bit before Brewster and Gibson to play the North Country Fair.

"We decided to take it on the road and it works out well as we all have relatively new discs to promote and it halps to share the expenses and some good humour," says Dunn who will be playing tunes from her fine debut disc From Where I Stand along with some new material. For a minimal $5 cover tonight, you'll aslo hear selections from Brewster's '98 release titled Stones and Gisbson's latest effort Be The Woman. The Sonic Sistahs start singing and playing tonight at 8 p.m.

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