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October 18, 2000

Canadian Cori Brewster and New Zealander Lindsey Shields combine to make a complementary duo.

Cori and Lindsey, both singer-songwriters in the folk musician mould, brought their own experiences into their song writing, which gave a personal, and at times poignant, social commmentary. Delightfully refreshing, honest, enjoyable and most entertaining, these talented singer-songwriters displayed their skills effortlessly.

Lindsey effectively introduced all her songs and gave little insights on their origins. The inspiration for their songs was drawn from life experiences. The originality encompassed the finger style of Lindsey drawn from an innate musicianship producing a synthesis and tapestry of sound, which was more unique than Cori's rhythmic style.

Songs with lyrics which one can listen to, comprehend and had some substance, was a great advantage when trying to engage an audience. Their talent as songwriters was possibly more skillful than was readily apparent, since out of their programme there was variety and interest without ever having to descend to cliche material to pad out the uninspired moment or the need to sing other composers' music.

The Museum concerts are proving very popular and it is hoped that this concept is supported, encouraged and continued.

Andre Buchanan-Smart